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L&C Missing Ribbons & Resources Organization Legacy of all Missing &Remembered

First Ribbon Tribute
For Laci & Conner


We Connect families missing a Loved-one with many local and National resources. As we began with Ribbons we realized just how great a need these familes had for many addional resources and help. We connect families with variety of Missing organizations & resources to aid in their search efforts for their missing loved-one.To date we are able to refer &Connect families with:

- On-going Advocacy Support for missing and murdered loved-ones.
- Land & Water Search teams.
- Numberous missing organizations
- National Airing T.V. Usa Missing Program
-Victims compensation org.
-Refer also when Reward funds are needed establishing.
- P.I. when your case is very unusual
-Start a FREE ribbon tribute for missing
- National Fax blasting of missing flyers
-button making resources
and much more...
Need connecting with these resources?
Contact us at:

                                 HOW WE BEGAN..


 We began our endeavors when Laci Peterson & her Unborn Baby went missing in Modesto, California.

 This was our very first Ribbon Tribute for Missing Laci & Conner.

We started offering Free Remembrance Ribbons to people around the world to wear and show their support for this family. To date, we have made over 200,000 ribbons in memory of Laci & Conner & are still filling orders daily! We then began receiving request from other families that have missing loved ones. These Ribbon Tributes are now the Legacy of Laci &Conner for All the missing and Remembered Angels! To date, we have over 27 Ribbon Tributes for missing loved ones that are  all out of love & support.


 Gina, the Founder works from California &

 Melanie,the Co-Founder works out of  Washinton state on this orginization.


 We curently  have  Free Ribbon Tributes for many Families  missing loved ones below . The Missing & Or Remembered loved ones Names  are : Laci Peterson & Conner , Rachel Cooke, Dru Sjodin, Kristen Modafferi, Kristen Smart,Jimmy Martin, Sabrina Allen, Carlie Brucia, Kenny W., Kent Jacobs, Lorne Boulet, Amy Bradley, Jason Knapp, Jason jolkowski, Lori Hacking, & the Hope Center in honor Of Suzanne Lyall & all missing.  These are just a few of the many Ribbon Tributes we have  done. Check out Home Page

For Complete list of names. You May Also click newest

Tributes Above to  find out our up coming new tributes.


Our Focus is:  to help get the word out for these families about their loved ones. It seems that  after a time people move on and tend to forget they are still missing or missed angels up above to these families still grieving. So It is our mission to not only unite these families in this time with our ribbons but to also help keep their names and memory out their with our ribbons until  they are brought home.


We have business cards and pamphlets to go with our organization. We also offer our website to those who would like to find out more about us. We are in the process of looking into becoming an OFFICIAL non-profit foundation in the future.

Our site can only be found at this time by typing in the whole address at top of page.

To view our site feel free to go to

Our pamphlets have each of the family’s websites as well  in side as you will see  on our site. Many of these families have added their loved ones ribbon tributes to their own sites as well for you to order their tibutes. So we are very much a needed organization.


We just continue to get the word out that we exist so others can be helped by our services as well.

If some one you know is missing a loved one we extend our offer for a  Free Ribbon Tribute to you as well.

With Hope, Support, & Care, 



MELANIEWeb Designer & Co- Founder / Vice-

President of Tributes

GINA  - Founder/ President of Tributes

Email Melanie at:

Email Gina :




                      IN LOVING MEMORY OF ;

 Laci & Conner may their legacy Honor All Missing& Angels above

Our Misison Is :  "To Unite All Family & Friends & Supporters In This Time."