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L&C Missing Ribbons & Resources Organization Legacy of all Missing &Remembered

To learn What L&C Missing Ribbons Org. Does for family and friends missing a loved-one read the following below:

To learn how we began : Please visit ''about us/ how we began'' section.
Missing Person checklist below also.

From the moment family and friends of missing person contacts us we bring to their attention resources available. Many times they may need a little extra direction or simpy provided info they hadn't yet heard of. We assist in different ways to help connect family and friends in the right direction for resources, and assistance. Our step by step process helps families in crisis to be able to break each thing down and be able to take in all of the resources available. Once permission is given we then can proceed in the follow manner.

1.- posting of a photo and all info. of a missing person on our site.

2- referral to other reputable organizations that can also assist you in additional needed resources and help to aid in your search for your missing loved one.
Project Jason
CUE Center
Sund Fund Foundation
N.C.M. A
and many other orgnizations too long to list. (You can Visit our Org. Links site for more info. reguarding this.)

3-connect you with age appropraite Organizations for land and water searcher.
Who also have resources for additional divers. and cadavar dog assistance as well.

4- Help with local and National media connections
U.S.A Missing National T.V. Program included.

5-We can create free Commercial annoucments with the vital info of your missing loved-one that can be used on the air as P.S.A that radio D.J's can play on the air. Thus keeping the cost and time completely free for the radio station.

6-We can post your missing loved-one in our nationally emailed out Newletter.

7- We can help you contact both local and national media sources to see if they would be interested in doing an article on your missing loved-one. If media is willing, we put them in direct contact, wiith either a spokesperson or designated friend to send the flyer info and any interview info. needed.
*Note: we are able to help you ask media to post any critical info. media leaves out of articles

8- If families need to create a child or adult missing flyer we have resource links in our ''Resources for family '' section.

9- Help them find age appropraite fax blasting in surround missing areas to all buisnesses.

10- free ribbon tribute for your missing Loved-one. Our Ribbon Mission- to make ribbons until they loving are brought home.

11- Help you find resources regarding reward..

12- can help connect you with your local red cross for search center needs for your searchers.

13- We can connect you with approprite sources for needed tiplines, spokespersons, missing website, and additional info. as well.

There are many individual needs that we meet and the way we do so is one family at a time one need at a time. Hoping and praying all the while for answers for each family SOON!


Any Thing in this list YOU need WE CAN HELP REFER YOU TO

1- Do you have a family Spokes person?

2-any one staying by the phone logging all phone calls of date, time and who called?

3- Have you down loaded Laura Recovery Center free Search manual on how to do a search ?

4- Do you have a website Established for media and public to know what the current needs and help print a flyer from it?

5-Do you have begining and long term advocacy referrals when foul play is suspected?

6- Have police referred you to victims advocacy in their law Enforcment program?

7- Have you set up a search center?

8- have you been able to get media to do articles on your story as well as on T.V?

9- Have you had trouble keeping media running the story and need someone who can help with that?

10- Have you called media and asked them to join you as you canvas neighborhoods and hand out flyers?

11-Have you had candel light vigils and ask media to join you and other events ?

12-Do you need help calling in professional searchers Land or water and or volenteers?

13-Do you need help spreading the word for other missing org. to add your loved-one to their site?

14- Have you emailed Project Jason and asked about their programs?''Healing Harbor'' Program or ''Adopt A Missing'' Program, or ''18 Wheel Missing Flyer truck program ,or podcast radio interview to bring awareness and attention.

15- Do you need red cross to help you coordinate the needs for searchers and volunteers?

16- Have you contacted your local cable company and radio for Public Service Broadcast, or local radio to Public Service Announcements of events & and your missing person's info. and flyer?

17- Do you need referrals for reward funding possiably?

18-Are you wondering if you should set up about a bank account to accept donations for search efforts or rewards funding?

19- Do you need a fax blasting to all buisnesses in the area they went missing?

20- Have you put together a Vigil board of some kind to allow other to get to know him/her and leave messages for the family. To keep media interest as well and for community to show support. A candle vigil or press conference near this board may be helpful.

21- Do you need a amber alert activated by your local police. The info. nationally fax blast to participating business and residential folks.

22- Have you gathered volunteers to do a walk, or hand out flyers,or create buttons,ribbons ect,or help you plan an event?

More about L&C Missing Organization:

When families come to us asking for help they are in the middle of a crisis which can be very overwhelming and stressful time. Over the years, as we work with both family and friends at the same time, we encounter many different situations and needs. Each is very individual to the cases we help with. We give both quality step by step care through the entire process (if needed ). We give assistance to family and friends needing guidence and direction. Not knowing where to turn for help and support we find it lift the heavy burden just a little knowing they don't have to carry the load alone. At times, that even includeds, media help and ideas on how to keep the media interested. We can share ideas of ways to not only raise awareness of a missing to the public but also tips that helps involvment of media coverage on-going. Pursuing for answers all the while, we are there to support them, in the process of what ever the resource needs may be. The list of what we offer varies and so individual to the family and friends needs.

Families of a missing a loved-one have never experienced this before nor do they know always where to turn or what to do next. Missing organizations have the knowledge and experiences to know how to help you the family and friends in this extremely stressful time. A family experiencing a missing person has to suddenly take on, and learn all at once, what organizations have learned to do when a missing person crisis arises. This is where L&C Missing Organization is able to help give you the family and friends resources, referals, and a very effective step by step process to be sure you the family and friends have the best plans and resources available. It is an incrediably overwhelming process for you as you struggle to search and find your missing loved-one. You don't have to do it alone. There are many missing organizations and foundations available . We offer families and friends not only a step by step process but one that addresses each need and bridges the gaps of areas most needing resources as well.

We break down the information in a manageable process for any family and friends seeking help and guidance. During this process we want to be sure each step is what the family is wanting to focus on. We approach their needs in the best manner to be most effective for the family and friends. The over all goal is to be a step by step support with resources so family and friends can better search for there missing loved-ones with help from many resources.

May our resources bring you renewed hope for help as you search for your missing Loved-one.