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Music Tributes

L&C Missing Ribbons & Resources Organization Legacy of all Missing &Remembered

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                                           Music clips below
                                ~ATribute Song For Laci & Conner~
               I was  inspired to write this song after reading and hearing many saying they are two bright shinning stars.  Then some time after the memorial  I  began  putting music with these lyrics . May this song  bring comfort and healing to the family and friends of Laci and Conner. Both of you will always be remembered. Your legacy continues.....
                                                Like the stars up in the sky, God has made
                                                       them all Their love, their light, is watching
                                                                                 over us.
                                                       If you see their stars shinning so bright, 
                                                      their smilin' down on each of us.
                                                      If you see  their stars shinning so bright, 
                                                      their smilin' down on each of us.
                                                     Their  love continues on  way up far beyond.  Their love,
                                                      their light is watching over us.
                                                      If  you see their stars shinning so bright,
                                                      their  smilin' down on each of us .
                                                      If you see thier  stars  shinning so bright,
                                                      their smilin' down on each of us.
                                   ~ A Tribute Song For Dru Sjodin~
           dru's tribute  song is a song that  i wrote  one morning at 5 am.  These words and melody came  at once and so began the song called" bring you home" For  dru and her family and friends.    I  pray these words  bring  you comfort at heart.
                                                    Another day has come and gone,
                                                   & still few answers to be found.
                                                   We know your out there waiting for 
                                                   For  us, to come and bring you home.
                                                  Thousands out there are praying  now. 
                                                  We know that answers can be found.
                                                  We know your  out there ,
                                                  Waiting for us to come & bring you home.
                                                  We'll bring you home dear dru ,
                                                  We'll bring you home.
                                                  We hold out hope for you ,
                                                  We hold out hope.
                                                  We hold out hope for you ,
                                                  We hold out hope.
                                                 We know that answers can be found,
                                                 Cuz thousands out there are praying now,
                                                 Yes we'll be out there  looking for you,
                                                 To come and bring you  home.
                                                 Yes we'll be out there wearing ribbons,
                                                 To show you our love.
                                    ~ A Tribute Song For Rachel Cooke~
        I wrote this song a while back unfinished and now have put together recently. I found myseld  once again recently  up in the middle of the night unable to sleep when the rest of this song came to me. May  you the family and friends find  peace and comfort  in this song.
                                       Hands For Rachel
                                      We come together now, to lift this family
                                               Up. We come together now. To lift our
                                               Hands in prayer.
                                               We are hands for Rachel holdin out the
                                               Love, We are hands for  Rachel holding
                                               Out all we can......
                            ~ Tribute song for  Carlie Brucia~
For days I had been wanting to write a song  for this  child but nothing would come. Then  the day before her tragic discovery , these words and music came  pouring out  on paper with in ten mins.  I wrote it with the idea that  if she were  just lost she may have wanted  to leave a  note like this. If that was not the case  & she was in heaven perhaps this might be  something she would want her   family and friends to know.  Little did i know sadly the next day she would  found. God Bless this  precious child. 
                                       In The Lords Hands
                                               Please don't worry and don't
                                                      fret mom and dad.
                                                      I'm taken care of,
                                                      I'm in the Lords' Hands.
                                                     He will walk you by the hand, every step
                                                     of the way we are never alone.
                                                     He has been there for me,
                                                     He will be there for you
                                                     every min. of the day.
                                                   Just know i'll always love you and part of me will stay  
                                                   with you .  always right there in your heart.
                                                   I know that love  can never part .
                                                  No matter where we are.
                                                  We're connected at the heart.
                                                  I know how much you love me. Please know how much I love
                                                 My love is right  there in your heart. 
                                                 Please don't worry and don't fret mom and dad.
                                                 I'm taken care of , i'm in the Lord's hands.
                              Tribute Song For Lori 's Family &Friends
       I Wrote this clip as a  Iit candel at home was  burning    during the time of the candel vigil for Lori Hacking   since I coudn't be there. I was thinking how   even amongest all the hear say these two family's devoted  to God are  still united and support each other in this   difficult time. What a true testimony of God's unconditional  Love for us all!
                                          We Come Together 
                                           We come together united as one.
                                          We come together united as one.
                                         Shedding tears , holding hands, We Pray
                                         Knowing that the Father is holding us
                                        Together now.
                            Thankyou  for honoring these precious lives, by
                                being  here & listening to thier tribute songs .
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   Smiling /working clip


We come Togather / Working Clip


 Hands For Rachel / working clip


Bring You Home / working clip


Broken Link


In The Lords Hands / Working clip


Standing in  The Window / working clip


Smiling / working clip


Father I come / Working Clip


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             " may peace and comfort find you in this difficult time"