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Poems To Share

L&C Missing Ribbons & Resources Organization Legacy of all Missing &Remembered

    If you would like to have a poem  submitted  for one of missing
    on this site email  the web designer at:
  This poem was written for Dru Sjodin and her family and friends:        
       Flowers Of Hope   
As We hold a vase  of flowers,
we think  of your sweet face
and count the many hours.
You last stood here before us.
Each and every petal
holds  the hope to bring you home.
the water  keeps them fresh
As do we with every thought of you.
As we hold onto  these flowers
Theres  one thing you must know
were praying every hour
for you to come back home.
{ written by melanie C-feb.1st-04}
 This  poem was rewritten after sadly Dru was found :
        Flowers Of Love


 As we  hold a vase  of flowers,

 We remember your sweet face.

 And  remember all the times you graced  us

 With your smile.


 Each and every petal holds

 The love we have for you.

 Each and every petal

 Blooms in honor of you.


 As we hold this vase of flowers

 Theres just  one thing

 You must know,

 Our love will never end

 Your our daughter sister



 ( Written :April 25th  -2004 )

This poem was written for Carlie Brucia and her family and friends:
   Dear precious child
   you spent the day with  a friend
   having  fun with child like ways.
   your lightheartedness and warming smiles
   gave way when life began another mile.
   With unexpected twist and turns
   we pray for your ever safe return.
   You are a precious child to this dear family.
   written : C- Feb 4th, 04
   I wrote this poem for  Rachel cooke and her   friends and family.
   Prayers For You My Dear
   Such a beautiful smile,
   Such a beautiful heart.
   We send our love we send our prayers,
   Around theworld and every where
   We hope we pray for you my dear
   May God bring you to those who hold you dear.
   written : C- Dec. 29th, 03
    I wrote this poem for  suzanne lyall and  her famiy and friends :
       Time stands still as we are  waiting for you .
       Hearts are  full with love 's light buring for you in the night.
       Love holds a peice  of you and me  together always , near or far.
       Moments bring sweet memories of you that connect  us ever close.
       We hold you in our hearts til the day of your return.
         Written : C- feb.23rd/ 04
      I wrote these 2  poems for  Amy Bradley & her Family & Friends :
        Hope...  it weathers storms, it  walks  through valleys.
        It never  fails  it never waivers. Hope dedicates  all it has
        To looking for and finding you.
        When you  are lost it never gives up .. it seeks you  out to help  
        Where ever you  are. Hope finds strength in times of
        Weakness. It guides you through the dark until you find the 
        Light of day.  Hopes renews our streghth & reminds us what
        We are truely made of Unconditional Love that never  stops.
        Until we are not lost! For this is what True Hope is .
             LOVE FINDS A WAY
          Love makes a way for hope.
          Love finds a way to bare.
          Love always cares .
          Love helps us all to cope.
          Love finds a away to let us know,
          We are Never Alone!
         Written :  C-- April 23rd - 2004
         Written : C - April 18th - 2004
   This poem was written & read by Dru's Aunt at Funeral :

Below is the letter to Dru that her Aunt read at the memorial service. They were showing pictures of Dru and family throughout the years while she read this After sharing a few memories about Dru, she went on to say:

Theres a lot of Drus in our family. Theres Grandpa Dru, John Dru, Joseph Dru and Drusie Katrina.
Some of you called her Drusie, her Mom and Dad called her Doodles, Mom sometimes shortened that to Doo,.and Ive already told you I called her Princess, so in the following
whimsical letter that I have written to Dru, Im calling her
Princess Drusie Doodles Doo.. so bear with me please..

Are you dancing amongst the stars, Princess Drusie Doodles Doo?
Are you singing with the angels whove been watching over you?
Are you happy to be back home with your friends and family?
Are you floating through the heavens filled with utter

Can you smell all the flowers Dru and see the ribbons of pink gracing every view?
Are you watching all the fuss that everyone is making over you?
Can you see all the people whove come to show they care?
Could you ever imagined how much theyve come to share?

Are you gently placing a kiss upon your Mommys cheek?
Just a little tickle, that you will make her think?
Are you giggling and smiling at her, as you think of fun filled days?
And laughing as you remember all her silly ways?

Are you laying your head Dru, on your Daddys shoulder and wiping away his tears?
Are you walking with your hand in Svens,
As youve done so many times throughout the years?

Do you know all the love that Chris feels for you.
Are you wrapping your arms around him Dru?
Do you imagine him beside you as you leap from star to star?
Are you holding him so near to you no matter where you are?

Are you hugging on your Grandma as you whisper in her ear that now you must grow stronger because you know shes here?
Will you swish on your Grandpa while he sleeps in his chair?
So that even in his dreams, he will know youre there?

Will you be watching from your stool and grinning with delight to see what Sidneys cooking for dinner every night?
Will you give him a hug when he stops to reminisce?
And when he becomes sad, will you cheer him with a kiss?

Are you watching over John Lauren, Bryce and Joe?
Loving them as through the days they go?
Will you share with them your giggles and all your silliness?
That they may carry on for you that which from you will greatly miss?

Are you blowing kisses to all your amazing friends
To all that faithfully struggled with you till the very end?
Are you sprinkling love upon them as they face each new day?
And laughing at their jokes and all the funny things they say?

Are you tired now Princess. and wishing to be tucked in bed?
Are you waiting for you backrub as I softly stroke your head?

Rest now, for your job has been well done in drawing of those who love you.

Sweet dreams my dear "Princess Drusie Doodles Doo"

 Copy right for Dru's Aunt April -2004

 I am giving it a copyright For Dru's Aunt for this is Autentically Her poem to her beloved  niece.

                         A Poem For Audrey Herron

This poem was written by Corrina -Dedrick-Gardner, lifelong friend of missing mother of three...Audrey May Herron.

To Bring You Safely Home

Looking back in time, I see your smiling face
 The laughter and the memories all seem so far away
    You've gone away and left us,

 Without a trace they say...
What happened to you Audrey?
happened that August day?
    Our hearts are forever aching

 Our tears they continue to flow
 Our prayers, they are not answered
 Will we ever know?
    This pain is so unbearable

The waiting is not a game...
 Just keep the faith,
 I tell myself just pray that she is safe
    Our minds keep us busy with all the things we know...

Remember back, remember back...
 Is there something that will help to bring you home?
    Your parents need their Daughter,

Your children need your love,
Your family and friends need to know...
 When you are coming home to us
    The search will keep on going,

The answers will unfold...
May God be with you Audrey...
To bring you safely home
Corrina Dedrick-Gardner Copyright 2003

To view more poems for Audrey:

Thank you,

This is a poem submitted by a friend for Audrey Herron :

"Not Just Missing"
Not just missing
I was a friend
Look closer at the flyer they have penned
Not just a name upon a page
I was a person
not just a face
Not just missing
A loving wife
I had a home
I loved my life
Not just missing
A mother's touch
My children miss me very much
Not just missing
Not just a name
So many lives
Forever changed
So many eyes
Eyes to see
Use them please
Help the world
find me.........
Maria T. Howard


                       Place for healing

   There is a place one can go.  Retreat from brokeness become whole. There is a place one can go that rest the soul and burdens light.There is a place that one can go for peace and healing of the heart. In every moment this place exist quietly  peacefully this place for healing. Time spent with God and healing love.Moment by moment in this moment you can be in this place for healing. It's a place in the now that God calls us each to be. In this moment you will know and feel his uncondional love all around a soft feathery pillow comforting you in this place for healing. Rest in it,let it comfort you, relaxin it knowing you are fully loved in it by God, and you are not alone,breathing in it, taking time to be in this place for healing .Remember you can come here any time you need a place for healing. As I leave you with this prayer.. Oh Precious Father above..Be ever present with me in this moment as i seek you as A Place of healing. May you bring comfort to my heart this day and help me breath a little deeper, Feeling your comfort throughout the day,may you send  friends along the way that can help me through each day. Amen...Written by melanie for all.

Written In Loving Memory of Lori Leonard :

A Daughter's Like A Rose

You love you care you help her grow
You touch her tenderly
You teach her all she needs to know
Let her go reluctantly
Her beauty leaves you in breathless awe
Her kindness brings a tear
You never see a single flaw
You hope she sees no fear
Lori Ann is my rose, my daughter and my friend
Though my love for her forever grows
My sadness, will never end.
-Barbara to her loving daughter (written by Jennifer)
                      ~Remembered Angel~
We hold your precious face, dear in our minds.
We give you a legacy. One that is a safer place
for your children & make a difference for many.
All in rememberence of you.Rememberd angel Lori.Your life was not defined by events that sadly happened that day. Your life is remembered with all the love you shared & gave to family & friends every moment. Your life is remembered by all the things you did and said just by being you! Your life's remembered Every moment of Every day! Looking in your children's eyes we see your love has never left us. Your life & love will always be remembered...Remembered Angel Lori.
                   Poems in loving memory of :Precious Nicole T. Pietz :
                                  Hand in hand with the lord.
                                  She is safe in his presence.
                                Tenderly  taking care of  her,
                                He made her and will watch
                                over Her...until we can see her again.
                               His loving Hand is Upon us all as we are
                              Grieving  the loss of  Precious Angel
                              When ever we feel sorrow...
                              We  must remember We are not alone...
                              His Loving hand is Upon us.
                                written by: Melanie

I’m Free
Don’t grieve for me, for now I am free.
I’m following the path god has laid you see.
I took his hand when I heard him call.
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day,
To laugh, to love, to work, or play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way.
I found my peace at the close of the day.

If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joys.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
Oh yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow.
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life’s been full, I savored much.
Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all to brief.
Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts and peace to thee.
God wanted me now; He set me free!         

submited by : Christina


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