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Ribbon Supply list

L&C Missing Ribbons & Resources Organization Legacy of all Missing &Remembered

many have requested a way to thank us by sending thank-you supplies. At your request, since our ribbons are Free we have put together a Supplies list for those of you that have asked if there is any way you can say thank-you with supplies...We say thank-you to you as well for your very thoughtful gesture. Below is A LIST BELOW:
    You Can Mail Supply Donations Too :
       Ribbon Tributes
       P.O. Box 1333, San Juan Bautista, Ca. 95045      
   Supply List  below :


                                                 Ribbonmaker's Updated  Letter
In the past year we have made over 30 FREE Ribbon Tributes for familes and friends missing a loved  one.
We  imagine  next years request  will be more .
We continue  to keep each & every Ribbon Tribute Free.
  Many have asked what types of supplies they can give as a Thank-You.
Here below is a list for those of you who have asked if you could send A Thank-You Gift.
Bless You for that. How very kind of you.
  ~ THANKYOU VERY MUCH~ The Ribbon Makers~
The  brand  names we  use  of ribbon are : 
      Offray Brand : 3/8" diameter streight edge     
    Colors Needed:
    White,Light blue ,Orange,Light blue, Light,
     Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Aua Marine.
     Ruban Offray Brand : 3/16 " diameter feather edge
    Colors  Needed :
    White, light Pink,Yellow, Dark Blue, Black, Aqua Marine,
      Light Lavender, White, Light Blue.

     Other things people can donate:

    Postage to mail packages to families
    7 mm clear Rhinestones
    Hot glue stix( mini size )
    Fabric Glue
    Mailing boxes
    Mailing Tape 


   These things are always appreciated too . THANKYOU!


May you be blessed for giving to such a needed cause.